Vertical Challenge

Vertical Challenge is becoming extremely popular with groups and schools and involves harness and helmet fitting before equipment usage briefing.

Rope and harness strength is explained before commencing climbing on the scaling pole. The scaling pole starts from ground level and finishes at the bottom of a suspended ladder which in turn leads to another rock wall before the tower top is achieved.

All types of climbing techniques are taught including smearing, traversing and belaying. Once each team member climbs to the best of his or her ability teams of two are selected to climb together simulating a real outdoor lead climb scenario. Under the supervision of Koinonia trained staff members willing participants are encouraged to simulate a real life rescue of an unconscious patient.

Communication between climbers and ground support team is imperative either verbal or signal. This vertical rescue technique includes all group members including on ground belayers and group spectators to assist in the safe rescue of the simulated patient. Koinonia has modified this activity so even primary school children can enjoy and learn from this popular challenge.

Teachers are encouraged to participate and everyone is debriefed after the session.