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Information about Koinonia

At Koinonia we have a unique location with direct access to Air Force Beach. We are located next to Broadwater National Park and only two minutes drive to down town Evans Head. Evans Head has a wonderful cycle way, which starts on the northern boundary of Koinonia. It follows the ocean front all the way to the Boat Harbour and continues beyond to Shark Bay on the South side of the Evans River.


At the conclusion of the second world war in 1945, military equipment and buildings were no longer needed by the defence force. Most of the military surplus was sold or scrapped if no buyer could be found. Camp Koinonia’s heritage listed accommodation huts were originally 81 ft long buildings built in the early 1940s on the Evans Head Memorial Aerodrome. The huts were predominantly used for housing RAAF Servicemen.

In 1953 Dayal Singh, a well known local construction engineer and Baptist Church Member, purchased and removed the 81 ft long buildings. He used what is thought to be the only D8 bulldozer on the north coast to cut a track from the Air Force Base to a gazetted lot 100 m from Air Force Beach, which was owned by the lands department. This land was set aside for Youth Camps and Recreation.

Dayal Singh cleverly dragged these buildings, using his bulldozer, on large logs one by one across the swamp. They were docked into smaller huts and placed on footings in the very position they rest today.

This site has been known as Camp Koinonia since it inception 1953. Koinonia was founded as a facility for promoting Christian beliefs and values. Thousands of Children and adults alike have enjoyed the use of the remarkable beachfront facility for decades. Many local people remember meeting their sweetheart on Camp At Koinonia and people regularly say you can feel the History of the camp.

Many of this Heritage listed Buildings have now been restored to their former glory, now being used as lovely old style holiday beach house accommodation ready for your use. Come and enjoy a week or weekend or simply go back in time and remember “the good old days”