Australia has a long history of surf culture, however many Australian and overseas tourists do not understand how the ocean works and how to use our beaches in a safe, fun and environmentally sustainable way.

Surf safety & Practical Surfing is designed to educate participants in how to identify the safe areas to swim, surf and how to locate the rips. The practical component teaches participants to maximise their fun at the beach, build fitness, and develop their surfing skills. (wetsuits & rash shirts provided)

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Surf safety, where to swim and surf safely, avoid rips and what to do if caught in a rip.
Surf safety is explained to participants tailored to their age and previous knowledge to ensure the message is understood and retained.
Beach conditions are studied and explained using simple visual diagrams and descriptions to identify safe areas and the rips.
Practical Surfing

Practical surfing is great fun, increases confidence and skills, builds physical fitness and reinforces the surf safety message.
Practical surfing skills include body surfing, body boarding techniques as well as surfboard riding.
Participant’s Outcomes

Participants have a great experience
Develops physical fitness
Leave with important life skills (how to use our beach safely)
Practical surfing skills teach participants the importance of exercise to maintain good health while having fun.
Participants are physically tired due to the effort they put into their surfing. They have so much fun they do not realise how tired they are until they leave the water (surfed out).
Practical surfing skills can be used without any surfing equipment (body surfing)
Reinforces the Sun smart message
A debrief at the end of the activity will reinforce participants knowledge and skills.

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