Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing at Camp Koinonia from Camp Koinonia on Vimeo.

Participants are briefed on the basic techniques used in rock climbing and equipment used. They are assisted to put on harnesses and double checked helmets are also fitted. Then the fun starts.

Rock climbing is done on a 10m wall using artificial rock holds. Climbers can increase the challenge by choosing 1 colour for the holds as they climb or elect to select the time trial challenge virtually racing up the wall using all your strength and personal ability. Some teams just enjoy the personal challenge of reaching the top or gaining the highest hold possible.

A team supervised on the ground belays the climber. Koinonia staff are trained to observe excellence and at the other end people who may be scared of heights or participants who have never climbed before. We encourage group participation and even people with an extreme fear of heights and virtually no climbing ability come through this activity with confidence and undiscovered ability. Teachers are encouraged to assist bottom belayers.

At the conclusion of the session a debrief on problem solving is given.

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