Beach Swim

This activity can either build on skills learnt in Surf Safety & Practical Surfing or the Surf Safety component can be incorporated into Beach Swimming/Games.

Participants will be supervised at all time by qualified staff particularly while in the surf.


At Beach Swimming/Games participants will be taught Body Surfing, dolphining under waves and other surf skills. If participants have already done Surf Safety & Practical Surfing, they have the opportunity to further develop their bodysurfing skills or participate in various fun beach activities. Participants will be able to go for multiple swims or play various beach games in a safe, fun and supportive environment. (Without Surf Boards)

  • Surf Safety and practical surfing skills without any equipment (body surfing)
  • Builds confidence on the beach
  • Develops physical fitness
  • Participant use their new skills to maximise their fun at the beach
  • Learn respect for the marine environment
  • Participants Outcomes

Surf Safety

  • Develops practical surfing skills and beach skills without any equipment (useful if they do not have any surfing equipment)
  • Confidence gained through knowledge and practice
  • Develops physical fitness
  • Enjoy the beach environment in sustainable manner
  • Reinforce the Sun smart message
  • A debrief at the end of the activity will reinforce participants knowledge and skills.
Beach Swim -